Condo Security Starts at the Door

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When you are moving into a previously occupied Condo, Apartment or Home, you do not know with whom the prior occupant shared keys.  Or who returned keys after making a copy of their own.

The best policy is to get new locks installed. But first ask yourself if your locks will keep the Burglars out.

Best Door Locks: Will Yours Keep Burglars Out?

For most of us, security is a top priority when selecting door locks for our homes, followed by cost, style and fidoor-locksnish. Choosing the best door locks for your doors depends on whether a door is interior or exterior, because each type of door requires completely different locking mechanisms. For example, it would not make sense to install a deadbolt on a bathroom door or a push-button privacy lockset on a front entry door.

Read more here about the three grades of door locks:

The lock is the first thing people think about but it is only part of the mechanism. We learned this from Fast Eddy of Fast Eddys Keys Express in Minneapolis.

He points out that the door latch and plate are as important.

See this video he made.

For our money his recommendation for the maxi plate and long screws makes a lot of sense.  For just a little more, you can vastly improve your security.

Dead Bolts

I almost hesitated to include this as the need of dead bolts is so well recognized. However just to be sure I post what consumer reports had to say…

To be safe and secure, Consumer Reports recommends you do the following:

  • Use a lock with a 1-inch-long dead bolt and a reinforced-metal box strike.
  • Install the lock with 3-inch-long mounting screws to lodge in the framing beyond the doorjamb.
  • Do the same with the door that leads from the garage into the interior of your house.
  • Any dead-bolt lock is better than the common key-in-knob variety, which can easily be opened with a credit card.

    Usage: CR June 2011 Story: Door Locks Brand: Medeco Model: Maxum 11WC60L CU: 06515-0012 Photographer: John Walsh
    Usage: CR June 2011
    Story: Door Locks
    Brand: Medeco
    Model: Maxum 11WC60L
    CU: 06515-0012
    Photographer: John Walsh

The dead bolts we tested are single-cylinder and operate with a thumbturn. High-security locks have hardened cylinders, unique pin configurations, and other defenses. Our testers spent weeks prying, hammering, picking, pummeling, and drilling.

A little time and money spent in prevention is well worth avoiding the devastating impact a home invasion may generate.